How to Get Al Hosn App Green Pass Abu Dhabi (Quick Guide)

Al Hosn is the official contact tracing app for UAE. The app is initiated from a collaboration of the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the local health authorities.

The app endorsements are done by the National Authority for Emergency and Crisis Management. The app works with the help of artificial intelligence technology similar to the ones implemented by other nations.

How to Get Al Hosn App Green Pass Abu Dhabi | check Green Pass Status

What is the Al Hosn app green pass?

The Abu Dhabi Al Hosn app is a green pass for entry into malls, beaches, parks, cinemas, and all other public places. The Al Hosn app commonly known as the Covid pass came into effect from 15th June. 

The pass would be activated once a passenger or resident or tourist turns Covid negative after undergoing the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test.

The vaccination status of the user determines the app’s validity. Know-How the Al Hosn app works?

How to Get Green Pass in Al Hosn App Abu Dhabi?

  • The green pass comes from the Al Hosn app which needs to be downloaded and installed on your device.
  • The app is connected to the Health units and whenever any individual undergoes a Covid test, he or she can have the results displayed in the app itself.
  • To obtain the green pass, users will have to obtain a negative test result. Based on vaccination status, the period of validity differs.
  • For Covid vaccinated people have a different period and those who did not undergo a single jab have a separate validity period altogether.

How to CHECK the Al Hosn App’s Green STATUS?

  • The Abu Dhabi Al Hosn app’s green status can be checked by regularly logging into the app.
  • The app green status appears automatically once a person tests negative for a PCR test.
  • The app also turns green within 28 days from the second Covid vaccination dose.
  • The Abu Dhabi Al Hosn app is directly connected to a central feed that collects information about an individual’s Covid status.

Al Hosn App color CODE?

There are four color codes based on the test results that get reflected in your Ali Hosn app based on your Covid results.

Grey indicates the validity of the PCR test has come to an end.

Red indicates Covid positivity

Green indicates a clean path, it shows up when an individual is found to be Covid negative.

Amber indicates your exposure to an active Covid patient and thus, further testing or retesting scenarios arising, as the need be.

Al Hosn app customer support number?

The Al Hosn contact number Abu Dhabi is 800 HOSN (4676) for people to record their complaints, grievances, queries, and doubts. Additionally, you can also contact them by writing to them at [email protected].

Users can also contact them if their app is not working or showing some error. But before that, you should follow these tricks and methods to solve the problem.

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