How does Akinator App work? Is it Safe & Free?

What is Akinator app?

Are you bored right now and need some fun in your life?

Why don’t you try the Akinator app? It is one of the best apps in the market that can easily read your mind simply by asking you to answer a few questions. It is the mind reader, you might want to go to. Just think of some character, then answer a few questions and finally find out who you were thinking about secretly. It uses artificial technology to understand your thoughts and the accuracy of the app is mostly accurate. The app uses the genie concept and your answers are read and interpreted by a magician cum genie figure on screen.

How to Akinator app download?

Akinator app

To download the Akinator app, you must visit Google Playstore or Apple appstore.

The rest of the process is easier done than said and merely involves clicking a button.

How does Akinator app work?

Once you have downloaded the Akinator app, here’s what you have to do.

  1. Add a nickname for yourself and include your age and gender.
  2. Think of a person who is prominently known in the world.
  3. Akinator might ask you up to 20 questions
  4. Next, he will guess the person you had in your mind.

Akinator app unblocked

Akinator requires a steady internet connection and the current version of the app. If you do not have either of them, you might not be able to use Akinator the right way.

Akinator app review

The Akinator app is a fun app that can be used in one’s spare time. It’s an entertainment app and can be a lovely experience. You might, however, have to answer at least 20 questions for guessing each character. It is an AI-driven app.

Is Akinator app free?

Yes, Akinator is a free app.

Is Akinator kid friendly?

Akinator is a kid-friendly app that can be used even by small kids who know handling a cell phone.

Is the Akinator app safe?

Yes, it is a safe app since it is not collecting any essential data from you, using the app comes with no real dangers.


Akinator can be one of the best apps for passing time. If you like genies, lamps and magical ways, then this app is for you. Before you begin, start by reading about this app.

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