How to USE Ai composite video Application for Android & iOS?

The AI composite video application uses the power of artificial intelligence to create a composite video. A composite video ideally combines chrominance and luminance transferring the information as a single analog file. AI composite video applications bring together multiple AI techniques to enhance the impact of composite videos.

How to ai composite video app download?

ai composite videos app tiktok free download

There are not many AI composite video apps in the market. Some are genuine and available on both the official appstores for download.

ai composite video app for android

If you want an Android version of an AI composite video app, you can head onto Google Playstore. Download and install the app from the Playstore and play it on your device. 

for iOS

You would need to visit the Apple AppStore and download an AI video composite app are free or paid version from it of your choice. 

How to use ai composite app? 

The AI composite video apps are free and the paid ones work to sync together with the effects of different AI tools alongside composite video creation.

  • Register yourself with the site once you have downloaded it.
  • If you’re a first-timer, try to search for video tutorials that are available with almost all apps. Chat with real-life people to know more about ways you can use the AI composite technique to create a video.
  • Upload a video and transform it by applying different formats through them.
  • You can repurpose your video every way you want.
  • There is an AutoCrop technology available with almost all AI composite apps that would use artificial intelligence to track down people in the video.
  • With each of these apps, the video is cut out into small essential components. This way the apps open your video for editing.
  • Once you have used all the composite video features, you just need to save your video.
  • You can either save or download your video into your Android and iOS devices.


Apart from the features mentioned above, you can also find these handy features;

  • Adjusting colors and contours is easy with these apps.
  • Creating illusions with edited videos is an option to explore.
  • Masking trackers help block the track lines of videos making the video play uniformly.


Most people enjoy more and more creative independence. With the AI induced composite video apps, people can merge a lot creating newer versions of the same qualities. People are finding such artistic maneuverings inspiring and are thus leaving outstanding reviews for these apps.


There are not many AI composite video apps in the market. However, the ones right now in the market using AI composite video techniques to create videos that stand out. Download any one of them to create and know more about them.

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