How to add money to Venmo instantly? Add Money from debit Card

To add money to Venmo in 2021 instantly, you can simply place enough money in your Venmo balance from other sources. People who pay you regularly must be redirected to Venmo to increase their Venmo balance. It is the easiest way to have money in your Venmo account.

How to add money to Venmo balance?

Two swifter ways of transfer are- linking your bank and a credit/debit card to your Venmo account.

While we describe the process of linking your Venmo account with your bank here, the credit or debit card linking will be covered in the following sections.

How to add money to Venmo instantly
  1. From the Venmo app, click on the Menu icon that comes with the Hamburger (☰) symbol.
  2. Go to Settings and then move to Payment Methods.
  3. Click Add a Bank or Card and then select adding Bank.
  4. Choose a verification method when you enter your bank login details into it.
  5. If login cannot be verified, they would simply send a $2 amount to the bank, and it would take one business day to complete the process.
  6. Next, you will have to select the Manage Balance option.
  7. Click on Add Money and then add the amount you’d like to transfer to your Venmo.
  8. Select the bank account from wherein you want to make the transfer.
  9. Review your added details, and then click on the Add Money tab.

How to add money to Venmo from a debit card?

You must repeat the last four steps from the previous section. But you need to choose a debit card instead of a bank when requesting a money transfer.

  • Go to the Manage Balance tab from your app.
  • Now select Add Money and then type in the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Choose a debit card from wherein you can make the transfer.
  • Now click on the Add Money tab after going through all the added details.

How to add money to Venmo without a bank account?

You can add money to Venmo without a bank account. 

When signing in for Venmo, a command will offer you an option to add a bank. Decline it and add a debit or credit card to your account instead. This way, adding balance to Venmo is possible even without having a bank account.

How to add money to Venmo with Prepaid card

To add money to Venmo with a prepaid card, here are a few steps.

  • From the Main Menu option, click on the Settings tab.
  • From your preferences, click on the Payment Methods and select Add a Bank or card option.
  • Instead of bank details, choose a debit or credit card option.
  • Enter the card data into the sections provided and also add the ZIP code.
  • Now simply click on the Add tab.
  • Once your prepaid card is linked, you can keep adding funds from the card into your Venmo account. Everytime choose the prepaid card for transferring funds.

How to add money to Venmo from PayPal

Adding money from Venmo to PayPal is only possible if a common bank account is linked to both.

  • Put your money in the bank account linked to your PayPal by clicking on the transfer account tab.
  • From a bank to Venmo, money can be transferred and added to the Venmo account.

How to add money to Venmo from cash app

Once you have added your Cash app debit card to Venmo, you can click on the Manage Balance option. 

  • Click on transfer to the bank and then add the amount you want to transfer.
  • Click on the Instant or standard transfer option.
  • Now hit on the Transfer tab to initiate the transfer process.


How long does it take to transfer money from bank to venmo

Standard transfers from the bank to Venmo usually take 2-3 business days.


Here’s all about how much you can transfer from Venmo to other accounts and vice versa. Read the article to know more.

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