How to Add Money to Venmo Card at Walmart (2024)?

Venmo is a widely used finance platform in the United States. It has a unique feature that provides its users with their own Venmo card through which they can shop and pay their bills. If you do not have a Venmo card, you can easily apply through the Venmo app from your registered Venmo account.

 Mostly, the fund in this Venmo Card is generally added through a Venmo account. However, since Venmo has become quite a famous name, you can now add money to this card via check or cash. One such way of adding funds to the Venmo account is through Walmart.

It is very convenient to add money via Walmart Rapid Reload. You can add money to your Venmo Card in two ways.

  1. First swiping reload with the cash – Simply visit the nearest registered Walmart store with the pre-printed government check and the amount you want to add to your Venmo card. Go to the cashier and allow them to check your card balance first, and then the cashier will load the given amount into your Venmo card.
  2. Swipe reload with card – Instead of a check, you can give the cash to the cashier. The cashier will swipe your Venmo card and then add the money directly to your Venmo card.

Can I add money to Venmo card at Walmart?

add money on venmo

Venmo has grown to be quite a popular money-transferring platform. More and more people are now using Venmo. Therefore, because of its popularity, many businesses and chain markets are now allowing the use of Venmo. In this list, Walmart also enables using Venmo and its respective card to add money at Walmart.

There is an option at Walmart through which you can easily add funds to your Venmo card. With the help of Walmart Rapid Reload, it is possible. You just have to either swipe reload with a check or cash and successfully load the required funds to your Venmo Card. Moreover, there will be a certain reload fee that you will have to pay to the cashier.

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Fee to load Venmo card at Walmart

 It is much easier to add funds through Walmart. You just have to simply visit the registered Walmart store and ask the cashier to load your Venmo card while you give them the funds in either cash or check. However, unlike Venmo accounts, where you can load the money for free without any charges, loading the money through Walmart requires a certain amount of reloading fees.

The fee for reloading is not that big. It is just a tiny amount for processing your transfer. This fee varies based on the amount and whether you go for cash or check. Since checks take a bit more time to process and mainly the check that requires two-party verification have much higher, the reload fees via check are higher than that of cash.

  • The regular fee for reloading is about $ 3. Meanwhile, with checks, there are different reloading fees. If the amount to be added to your Venmo card is $1000 or less, then the fee is $ 4. However, if the check needs two-party verification, then the fee is $ 6.
  • If the amount is between $ 1,001 and $ 5,000, then the processing fee will be around $ 8.

These fees are subject to change based on Walmart and Venmo policies. Therefore, checking the reloading fees before doing the transaction is always better.

Can I use the Venmo QR code at Walmart? 

venmo qr code

Technologies have improved a lot in a few years. Now all money transactions can be done seamlessly with the help of a single tool – smartphones. Walmart is also not far behind the innovation, so yes, you can use the Venmo QR code at Walmart without any hindrance. You can simply go to the cashier and ask for the QR code, which you can quickly scan through your Venmo app. Once successfully scanned, you can go ahead with your transaction and do a smooth and quick money transfer.

You can find your Venmo QR code at the ‘Venmo Me’ option in your Venmo app. There are also exciting rewards or cashback offered by Venmo that you can win when you do the transactions through the QR code.

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