How does the ABEG app work? Who owns ABEG app?

What is Abeg app used for?

Abeg is the most widely used Nigerian word and it means lending a favor. This platform was built to enable sending and receiving money between friends and family limitlessly and easily.

Launched in 2019, Abeg is inspired by the Cash app. If you simply want to understand what ABEG is for Africans, well, to keep the reply short, it is the Cash app for Africa.

You can request money from other Abeg users simply by typing their Abeg cash tags and sending a request for money. Dare Adekoya functions as the ABEG app CEO.

abeg app download and who owns the app

How to abeg app download?

ABEG app apk downloading is not that hard, since, one can easily download app from Google Playstore or Apple AppStore. The links are provided on the Official site.

How does ABEG app work?

To use Abeg, you will need to know the below procedure.

  • Create an account with Abeg using your phone number and email ID.
  • Once your account is created you can look up any Abeg Cashtag and ask for help from them.
  • The Abeg tag is enough and functions as your username.
  • You will never require your bank details to send and receive money from any of the other Abeg users.
  • Just that your phone number must be linked to the BVN you are registered with.
  • Additionally, there is an Abeg wallet for you, where your money will get stored once received.
  • Use it to transfer the money to either your bank account or to send it to another user.
  • There are other features available, like the savings feature and the fundraising feature in the pipeline.

Who owns ABEG app?

Muheez Akanni, Michael Okoh, and Dare Adekoya are the ABEG app founders and also function as owners of the app

App review

Reviews about the app are coming up wherein the app is known to be helping Nigerians now and then.

With the app in view, people are happy about the reduced bank visits, simultaneous phone calls, and emails for requesting money in urgencies.

Abeg app investors

Some strong investors are helping the Abeg app’s construction and building.

It is widely believed that the investors are earning huge profits from the app in return too.

However, the investors are not known publicly and still remain confidential.

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