How to use & connect to Wi-Fi to watch movies? app– The American Airlines app can entertain you during your flight. You can stream through the Airlines library collection of movies and TV shows. During your flight, you need not use your Wi-Fi instead you can use their in-flight services.

To check ‘what is on my flight’ you will have to click on the link and then you have to see what entertainment is present in the flight from the Airline services.

How to get App? app movies, wifi login
  • The American Airlines app is available for download in the Google Playstore and the Apple appstore. 
  • The app can be searched for in the search bar and then it simply needs to be installed in the system.
  • The installation has to be done by clicking on the Install button or the Get button from the Google Playstore and the Apple appstore respectively.

How to USE the app?

For a phone or tablet and laptop, there are different ways of connecting to the Wi-Fi. Once you connect you can easily watch a movie or a series of your choice through it.

For Phone or tablet

1) Before take-off download the American Airflight app with your mobile data or Wi-Fi.

2) Once the app is downloaded, and you’re on the flight, you must activate the airplane mode.

3) Next, connect the device with the AA-Inflight Wi-Fi signal.

4) If you do not get re-directed directly then open a browser and then type in

For laptop

In laptops connect to the Wi-Fi signal and if you’re not redirected then type open the page manually.

How to watch movies?

 To watch the movies, you will have to take the below route.

– For a laptop, phone, or tablet, you’ll have to choose ‘view free entertainment’ or the entertainment icon.

– Next, choose your movie or TV show and start watching from the given playlist.

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How to login?

The AAinflight login can be done by first registering with them. For registration, you need to provide your complete name, email, and your AAdvantage number. Once you have selected it, you will need to also choose a password for yourself.

Next time when you log in you will be able to use your username and password.

How to connect to Wi-Fi?

Connecting to the Wi-Fi can be done by turning on the Airplane mode and then searching for the Wi-Fi.

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