8 Special Birthday Cakes That You Can Order Online 

Remembering the birthdays of friends and relatives and celebrating them with the best birthday cake is for everyone. However, if that particular friend is more special than others, then you need to show him or her how special they are.

8 Special birthday cakes

8 Special Birthday Cakes

Believe it or not, love and care are not feelings that you should keep locked in your heart. These are the feelings you should share with your loved ones. So next time it is your loved one’s birthday, plan something special. Order a tasty and scrumptious cake online and get it delivered right at their doorsteps.

Here is a list of 8 special birthday cakes which you can order in any flavors:

1. CARTOON birthday cake

You can go for any cartoon cake on a little girl’s or boy’s birthday. Cartoons such as a minion or a Doraemon, princess cake, etc. It would be a very cute idea to celebrate your little one’s birthday. You can easily place your order online.

2. Photo cake-

You can also go for a photo cake on her/his birthday. All you need to do is visit any online bakery and send them the picture you want on your birthday cake and place your order.

3. HEART shape Cake-

In the present day, cakes come in amazing taste, shape, and size. They have evolved to be so jagged that one bite is never enough and with a special heart-shaped cake for your special ones, leave no stone unturned to make any occasion extra special. Place your order online now!

4. Special COLOR cake-

There are special color cakes that you can customize as per your choice. For instance, if the recipient’s favorite color is pink so you can go for a pink-colored cake. She would love the color of the cake and everyone will like to eat that cake as that would be a simplistic idea for a birthday cake.

5. GEMS Cake:

If the birthday boy or girl loves gems then you can order online a special gems filled cake. You can go for a Truffle flavored cake with some gems in it. The recipient will love to have that type of cake with her favorite flavor in it.

6. An OPERA cake-

This flavor of cake has thin layers of coffee-soaked among almonds in the middle and cream on the top. This flavor of cake can be bought on the occasion of a reception.

7. Designer cakes-

Designer cakes are cakes that are designed for a special occasion and they are made on a demand. Designer cakes can be made of any design as per your choice. They can be used on the occasion of a wedding, baby shower, reception etc apart from birthdays.

8. Fruit cake-

A FRUIT cake is a cake loaded with fruits in it. The fruits can go with any flavor like vanilla, chocolate, or pineapple. A fruit cake can be used on any occasion like the birthday of your father or mother and even the birthday of old people.

So these are some amazing cakes that you can order online in any flavor of your choice. Just order cake online of your choice and make your loved ones special day extra special. 

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