What is 100 thieves cash app Card & Compound? (Quick Guide)

What is 100 thieves cash app?

100 Thieves has gone onto collaborate with their long-term collaborator, Cash app and have brought out a Cash card. Those who already have the Cash app Cash card can switch over to the 100 Thieves card with a $5 change fee.

They first partnered with Cash app in May 2019 and since then the partnership has only become stronger and details about the Card is present in Youtube.

Where is 100 thieves cash app compound?

Where is 100 thieves cash app compound

100 Thieves has a virtual version of the sprawling LA headquarters of Cash app address.

It is just not an empty building in map, instead, it is stuffed with quests, Easter eggs, and that makes the compound completely explorable.

It is a pretty impressive re-creation and is a very cool arrangement available for exploration in Fortnite Creative.

What is 100 thieves cash app card?

The Card is a collaboration project between Cash app and 100 thieves. To switch over to this Card, it would cost a $5 change fee that all Cash app card users would need to pay.

Out of this $5 of people’s money, $1 goes to the charity organisation Gamers outreach. It is a cool keepsake devised primarily by the 100 thieves’ team.

There are several referral code & promo codes which are open for Cash app users.

The card has boost incentives meant exclusively for the product and these boost incentives would be announced at a later date and time.

Does 100 thieves own cash app?

No Cash app is not owned by 100 thieves and it is a premium lifestyle brand and gaming organization. Cash app is an organization that is investing in mobile payment services and allows the transfer of money alongside the conversion of money into cryptocurrencies.

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